Devin is a groundbreaking closure dedicated to the world of wine.
Based on the principals of the integrated circular economy, it’s completely eco-friendly.

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From grape processing to closures




Grape residue, from the wine production process, is enhanced and upcycled into a new raw material, becoming the leading light of packaging.

Devin was created directly from this principle: making distinctive closures to seal the product and relate its very essence.


Key plus points of Devin

Reuse of raw materials

Reduction of plastic use

Fully recyclable

No adhesives

Print customizable

Technical Specifications

Devin’s primary features
Length (mm) 42 ±0,5
Diameter (mm) 22 ±0,3
Weight (g) 7,5±0,3
Colors Natural
Composition Recycled grape pomace, blend of EU approved thermoplastic elastomers for use in direct food contact.
Certification EU certificates for use in direct food contact.
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